CEO, Producer

Marianne founded Yapouni to put her movie production expertise and her passion for animation and immersive universes in the service of a significant project and a cause that is dear to her heart !

She studied Law and Management at Paris’ top universities and schools (Université Panthéon-Assas & ESCP Europe). She then moved on to work in the international coproduction of series and movies, with a special focus on content for children. During ten years, Marianne developped her skills in strategy, production and management in corporations like Lagardère as well as smaller structures in France, Norway, Australia and Canada.

Yapouni was born of childhood memories and her various experiences as a volunteer in hospitals and namely the care units of CHU Sainte Justine.

*Marianne is Yapouni Inc.’s data protection officer




And storyboard artist, her talent brings Marianne’s imaginary world on paper… and tablet ! Mathilde studied the art of illustration at the Ecole Brassart and perfected her art at the Ecolde de l’image Les Gobelins (two of the most prestigious art and graphic design schools in France). She worked for different agencies in the video game, advertisement and events industries.

She shares her knowledge with adults by giving classes in various university level art school programs (Cursus 2D, Animation 3D) and shares her passion with smaller human beings in creative workshops.

Her biggest wish is to make children and adults eyes shine with enchanting universes and endearing characters.



Psychology PhD Student

An experienced researcher, Arnaud studies the anxiety faced by children who undergo medical interventions as well as the different mechanisms that help increase children’s motivation and therapeutic adherence. His main goal is to offer little patients extremely fun games that have the added benefit of great scientific value in these situations !

Arnaud has published research papers on anxiety, passion and creativity (Université du Québec à Montréal) and co-authored two interactive children works after his Bachelor in music composition (Université de Montréal)



Pediatric Surgeon

Damir has the everyday field experience of the needs of his young patients and their parents.

In addition to his medical expertise, Damir brings Yapouni his knowledge of therapeutic education and of patient, parent and caregiver relationships. Passionate about new technologies, especially when they are linked to the medical field, Damir also takes part in numerous research projects and medical simulation within the Monash Children’s Hospital. He has a great understanding of the stakes and challenges entailed by innovation in the field of health research.

Alexane Ferland Chargée de projet – Innovation et impact social Yapouni


Project manager – Innovation and social impact

Curious by nature and anxious to be part of a passionate and interdisciplinary team, Alexane is fueled by challenges. Previously project manager in the community sector, Alexane follows, in parallel with her mandate at Yapouni, a master’s degree in social innovation management at HEC Montreal. Resourceful and committed, she is also a member of Crea-Quebec’s board, an OBNL in creativity here in Montreal.

Alexane wishes to encourage unexpected encounters and hopes to see the emergence of resilient projects with social impact. Her great desire: democratize innovation and creativity to better adapt to the complex and changing contexts we are currently facing.  




Associate & COO of 1642 Sodas

Mélanie is a precious ally for Yapouni thanks to her sharp and lively input in the strategic decisions and development of the company. Mélanie has a solid experience in management, acquired through the growth of her own Quebec based company for the last five years and her past experiences, namely as the financial manager / director of Club Méditerranée.

Affected by a loss when she was young, Mélanie wanted to use her expertise to support this meaningful project and send a message of hope to families facing child illnesses.



Founder & Agent at Julie Finidori Agency

After working for five year at the foreign rights department of Editions Albin Michel, Julie founded her agency representing publishing houses, agents and authors whose publications are committed and innovative.

In this regard, Julie is sensitive to Yapouni’s commitment to children’s health, the communication of their emotions with an artistic approach. Julie brings her support to the team by translating content and more generally when it comes to the communication and publications of the company.


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