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With our
Work-life balance course

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Impact measurement


study conducted by Pierre-Péladeau Chair of Leadership - HEC Montreal

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Tools for

human resources, managers, teams and employees & their families

Distributed through an interactive course of approximately two months

The duration of the course can be adapted according to the calendar of your organization

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To co-construct and redefine a new social contract which revolve around three main themes

and achieve a
Work-life balance as a team


Some research results …

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Proven Effect of Work-life balance on productivity and sense of
commitment of employees

(respectively 48% and 40% of engagement variance explained)

For the parent employees, a greater but also a double feeling of guilt regarding work and family life was recorded. More important among women (-27%), this feeling of guilt was reduced following the use of the tools. 

Addressed needs

Employees who used the toolkits the most were those who previously had a feeling of lower productivity and lack of balance between personnel and professional life. 

Conciliation : A team affair

Employees who mobilize the most family-work conciliation tools are those who feel supported in the process by their team and manager (p<0,05). 

Feeling or support reinforced

Work-life balance course increased the feeling of support from the employer.

Raising awareness

88% of all participants became aware of the issues and challenges related to work-life balance through their participation in the project. 

Central to our strategy,
4 UN development goals

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